Meet the Chef

Romeo Villarreal

As the head chef and owner of SC+K, I have put everything into making my food not only delicious, but a compliment to every event I have ever had the pleasure of catering. As a world traveler, my adventures have influenced my cooking style immensely—from how I design my menus—to continually developing my craft by cooking with fellow food lovers, professional and nonprofessional all over the world.

When I travel, I always go where the locals go (especially the local food vendors) and often draw inspiration from the home-cooked fare. Throughout my travels, if it’s fresh and local, that’s where I’m eating! I wanted my catering company to reflect my love for adventure, which is why we include many unique styles of travel catering amongst our list of services.
My favorite catering moment was making dinner at base camp while climbing Kilimanjaro. It was amazing to make dinner above 16,000 feet with a panoramic view of Kenya and Tanzania on a clear incredibly starry night. Between the view and the anticipation of that evening’s summit attempt, my chicken and rice soup tasted exquisite!